Super Bowl and sex trafficking: some fun with numbers

Super Bowl a magnet for under-age sex trade.
Child sex rings spike during Super Bowl week.
Super Bowl Sunday’s Dark Side: Big Game Attracts Child Sex Traffickers (video). The media is in a frenzy over an estimated 10,000 underage girls who will be trafficked into Arlington, TX next week for the Superbowl of Sex Trafficking, the “single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”No surprise that sports events are big sex events. If you were in Vegas for NBA All Star Weekend in 2007 you know what I’m talking about.But groupies who travel in hopes of sex sex are different than prostitutes who travel to sell sex are VERY DIFFERENT from children who are trafficked for sex.

How many people will really be exchanging money for sex at the Super Bowl next week?

To get the whole picture we’ll have to fill out these other quadrants:

If we use the stat that 30% of US prostitutes are underage, we can guestimate another 30,000 prostitutes will be attending the Super Bowl sex frenzy next week:

For a grand total of 30,000 women.

Who will be hired for sex.

At the Super Bowl.

Next Week.

Are you kidding me?

The Cowboys Stadium can only fit 100,000. There are only 380,000 people in all of Arlington.

Something doesn’t add up.

By that logic, 1 in 3 fans at the Super Bowl is paying for sex.

The numbers are hard to unpack if we can’t first draw a line between raping a child and consensual commercial sex.

As for the latter?

Football and fucking, it appears, go hand and hand.

And the numbers get a lot bigger at World Cup.

First, attendance. Add a zero. 2010 World Cup saw a total stadium attendance over 3,000,000.

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany estimated 40,000 illegal prostitutes came in from abroad for the game.

(Now, is that 40,000 foreigners? Were all of them trafficked or some?  How many of Germany’s 200,000-400,000 legal prostitutes sold sex at World Cup?)

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa estimated  40,000 foreign prostitutes were trafficked in World Cup 2010.
(How many South African prostitutes sold sex at World Cup? How many children – foreign or local – were sold?  Who the hell is trafficking all these people?)

So the big question is, what happens in Rio?

Rio, as you may know, is hosting 2014 World Cup Brazil, and then the 2016 Summer Olympics.

An unprecedented double-header.

What you may not know is that  Brazil is overtaking Thailand as the global capital for sex tourism.

They have a growing child sex tourism epidemic to the tune of hundred thousands.

But if you’re old enough, prostitution is legal in Brazil, to the order of over 1,000,000 women.

Which is why the stage is set for Rio to host what will be the largest sex trafficking event, or the largest or sex tourism event in modern history.

Wonder how many Americans will be partaking 🙂


Extracurricular – WSJ writer Carl Bialik tries to untangle South Africa’s numbers in The Elusive Link Between Sex Trafficking and Sporting Events)

Photo credit: Robson M Cunha


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